Residential Monte Sinaí is a family company founded in the year 2013 with the objective of facilitating homes with quality construction and affordable prices for all the population in general, owing to the shortage of housing in the city of Leon - Nicaragua.

Basic services

Drinking water ( artesian well and Storage Tank for 25,000 gallon ) , Electric Light. Also, for security reasons, we’ve a perimeter wall,  with paved streets, and a large and extensive residencial parking.

Security service

Security service 24 hours all day.


Subsidized Homes by INVUR.

Our homes are subsidized by the Ministry of Housing INVUR , allowing us to cut costs and have the home of your dreams .


We are located in the best added value of the city. By the Panamerican highway, just 3 minutes from the city of León - Nicaragua.


For more information you can write to info@residencialmontesinai.com.ni, or call us (505) 8645 0414.

Which home model is best for me?

To take the right home model, you must take into consideration how big is your family. Also, this choice will depend on the income that you earn monthly.

How can I contact you?

You can visit us in our offices, located Km. 95 highway to Chinandega. And call us to +505 8645-0414. Or write us to: info@residencialmontesinai.com.ni

How can I get at financial plan?

We can provide you with three top different financial institutions, for up to 20 years. Please remember to visit our contact page.

Can I design my own model?

Yes! It is possible. Look for the model of your preference, and we will build it for you.

Is there Funding for foreigners in Nicaragua ?

Yes, you can apply to a financing plan, only IF you have residence in the country you reside. For more information contact the bank of your choice or write us and we will gladly assist ...

How much money do I need for reserve a house?

With only $ 100 you can reserve the house and model you want.

We have the best Financial plans with banks as LAFISE, Banpro and BDF.